God's Glorious Name, Elohim, Genesis 1:1.


Those that say God is a male and His name is YHWH have not studied Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:27. This video removes this ignorance by allowing all to see the hidden names behind the verses. An anonymous common noun (God) did not do the creating but a being with a name, Elohim, did. They introduced Themselves in the first sentence and kept explaining more and more of what They did and WHAT They were like (male and female). It does not say that They were humans but, They created humans with Their "gender/Image", male and female. It does not matter what anyone's opinion is...They said They were male and female and created us in that image/gender. People say that God has no "Sex/Gender" yet they will call God a He. They will talk about a "son of God" and his Father but, he has no Mother. They say God is "spirit" so, how do they know God is a He? They say God has no body yet, the Bible says He sits on a throne and His son sits on His right hand. YHWH formed man from dust and "blew" into Adam's nostrils. Adam and Eve heard Him walking in the garden and hid from His presence. Spirit has no feet (to hear) nor physical form to hide from. When the male and female essence of Elohim are united ('echad) They are invisible and no one has seen Elohim (God) at any time.. Ruach Elohim by definition is "spirit" and feminine and we know She consists of 7 spirits which are before the throne of YHWH. Their first act of creation was to have Their only begotten son, the firstborn of all creation, Pel'y (Wonderful) and thru him They created everything...making Their son co-Creators. They sent Their only son to be our Savior, Yahshua (Yah's Salvation). And now he is our Mediator, Dabar Elohim (Word of Elohim). In order for us to have Salvation we must believe in Yahshua, the son of Elohim. Know Elohim, know Their son and be saved. Share Their love with the world. Shalom.

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