False apostle Paul used his made-up Jesus Christ to lead Jesus' flock astray


Just as Jesus warned would happen, the world has been deceived. Jesus is not the father of Christianity, Saul/Paul is; he invented the false Christ (his Jesus Christ) to lead Jesus' flock astray.

After the crucifixion, Saul proved himself to be a wolf as he led a gruesome persecution against Jesus' flock (the Way); when they fled north to Damascus, Saul pursued - but he could no longer physically persecute them because the region was beyond the protection of the corrupt Jewish leadership and Rome's authority. Instead, on his way to Damascus, he faked a Jesus-appeared-to-me mystical conversion to the Way - who then accepted him into the sheepfold as the convert Paul (his sheep's clothing); so eager to hear the revelations that Saul/Paul convinced them were from their dearly departed Jesus, they failed to question why their risen Jesus would choose the enemy as the only person to reveal himself through, and failed to heed Jesus' warnings about the wolves (false prophets) that would come in sheep's clothing and deceive them with stories about him appearing here or there after he had ascended (Mt 24:23).

Saul/Paul called himself an "apostle", but his name is not listed in any of the official lists of apostles in the New Testament. Year after year, the false apostle Paul poisoned Jesus' flock up in the Gentile regions with his gospel - which he claimed the risen Jesus (his made up Jesus Christ) revealed only through him. This is the gospel of grace that the church has spread across the globe, but it is not Jesus' gospel - which was "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand". No, this is Paul's own gospel that he made clear in his epistles is "his (Paul's) gospel". Jesus never said he would save humanity by being a human sacrifice to atone for anyone's sins; he was the "savior" because he brought back the Knowledge of Salvation to his people (Israel). It is with Paul's false Christ and false gospel (the bad seed that produces tares) that he led Jesus' flock astray as lambs led to the slaughter; Paul's Christians were thrown to the lions by the Romans; oddly he, a Roman citizen, was not - why?

Paul spread his guile so well that he even deceived the Elect (James + the 12 apostles) for many years until they discovered him to be a wolf in sheep's clothing, and engaged him; at that point, Paul split from the Elect and named his pack "Christians" to differentiate them from the Way - especially its leaders (the Elect) who he called "the Jews" and demonized in his epistles and travels (through which he fully converted almost all the synagogues established by the Way in the Gentile regions to his Christianity and churches). When the Elect traveled to the Gentile regions to set the Way back on the right path that Jesus had established, they were on Paul's turf, and had to contend against his false Christ and false gospel (his Christianity). In his own epistles, Paul boasted that he obtained his converts through guile, and that he had begotten (fathered) them (Christians). The wolf Saul (Jesus' nemesis), in the sheep's clothing of Paul, is the father of Christianity - not Jesus or any of the Elect.

The Greek word ἀντί (meaning"anti") as used in the title ἀντίχριστος (meaning "anti-Christ") does not mean "against" as in a Christ that is "against Jesus", but it means "in place of (the true)" as in a Christ that is "in place of the true Jesus". The god of Paul's Christianity is not Jesus' God the Father, no...it is the made-up-by-Saul-spirit-god, a false Jesus (Paul's Jesus Christ), a false Christ, or literally "anti-Christ" - a false god which fulfills every biblical prophecy concerning the anti-Christ, and explains why the writer(s) of 1 John and 2 John, said the spirit of anti-Christ was present during their and Paul's time. Do Christians love the true Jesus (the man who said "if you love me keep my commandments"), or do they love the false Jesus (the Christ that is in place of the true Jesus - the anti-Christ) who is made "equal with God", and gives them permission to not keep Jesus' commandments - thereby not loving the real Jesus? Wake up! Stop looking to the very wolves (Popes, Priests, Pastors, Preachers, Ministers - who preach for profit) for answers - its insanity! Read the New Testament for yourself and see if you can hear the Good Shepherd's voice and his gospel (the wheat) as distinct from that of the wolf Saul's/Paul's and his gospel (the tares). Jesus said his flock knows his voice. See if you can see what so many others are waking up to see in this information age. Come out of Saul's guile - his Christianity. It is a wooden nickel. Jesus is only your "savior" if you keep his commandments and follow his example; this is why it is called the "knowledge of salvation". There is no salvation in just believing in Saul's anti-Christ aka "having blind faith". No one died for your, or anyone's, sins. Join The Way today at www.knowledgeofsalvation.com and get on the path to true salvation.

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