How Christianity Adopted Pagan Practices and Holidays - The False Church Deception Exposed


What is the real history of Christianity? From Constantine and sun god worship to the modern false church system, the deception regarding the Bible has been propagated from centuries of pagan influence and church lies. Uncover pagan christian traditions and pagan Christian origins. Who was Constantine? Was Constantine a real convert to Christianity? Was Christianity originally a Jewish faith? How did the son of god turn into the sun of god? What about the pagan holidays? What about Christmas and it's pagan origin, Easter or Halloween? What is the pagan origin of Christmas? It's time for the false church to be exposed! This short video exposes the deception of the church through centuries of church tradition. It's time for the false church to be exposed!

We hope you enjoyed: "How Christianity Adopted Pagan Practices and Holidays, the False Church Deception Exposed"

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