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In the last part of my video, we saw the fall of Israel. Because of Israel & Judah’s wickedness and rebellion, Elohim removed them from their land. The northern 10 tribes were conquered by Assyria. They were taken out of Israel. Later, Judah & Benjamin were taken captive as well. As I said in Part 8, we will no longer be discussing the northern 10 tribes. The story is all about Judah. Elohim repeatedly said He was going to preserve Judah & Jerusalem as was His promise to His servant David. By now you should have learned what happens when you rebel against Elohim. Make it a point in your life to use the lessons of Israel. Elohim is great and worthy to be praised. He is not to be toyed with. Commit your life to Him and surrender all to Him.

This next part takes us into the captivity of Judah. Judah is no longer in their land. Towards the end of the 7th Century BC Babylon had overthrown the domination of their longtime rival Assyria. They eliminated the Assyrian Empire, turning it into what became known as the Neo-Babylonian or Chaldean Empire. Nebuchadnezzar brought Babylon to great heights, and after his conquer of Judah, he deported many Jews to his land of Babylon. One of those exiles was Daniel. Daniel has a very interesting story. His book in the Old Testament speaks on what happened during Judah’s captivity in Babylon. This part of the story is used as a testimony to how Elohim works our His purposes through His servants even in the courts of pagan rulers. His story is very much like that of Joseph. No matter where Elohim’s chosen people were, those that trusted Him proved just how great Elohim really was and is, and this part of the story is all about that.

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