God the Father--Jesus is NOT God (THE PERSON YHWY)


i hope this teaching makes it more clear about the way we worship.. Jesus says we must worship THE FATHER in spirit and in truth... in our EXPLAINATIONS when disproving the trinity we also run into a problem with trying to explain "the oneness".. there is no trinity!.. but also we can't continue to say that JESUS was praying only out of his human nature. i understand jesus was BOTH divine/human.. but that doesnt mean we have to say he was GOD/HUMAN.. GOD IS ONLY ONE PERSON... and in this video you will see JESUS says he has a GOD... lets quit saying he is GOD. and it still wont change who he always was explained as THE SON OF GOD, OUR LORD AND CHRIST! check this out.. dont deny BOTH the FATHER AND THE SON or you will see thats anti- christ- 2john9 and 1 john 2:22

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