Is Jesus Christ an Anti-Messiah?


This latest Scriptural study video is for first time viewers that are seeing the failings of the mother church (Catholic) of Christianity, and are questioning their teachings as being false. It also addresses the questions from so many on why, and how all religions have adopted these non-Scriptural erroneous teachings in some form, and or manner.

It is also closes out a request from other Bereans for a comprehensive clip on what are the differences between being an anti-christ, as compared to an Anti-MessiYAH.

As per all our Scriptural study video's and articles, we are not teachers, and or leaders as per Mt. 23: 8 - 9 etc........., and we DO NOT claim to be prophets in any shape, form, and or manner.
We are just Bereans (Acts 17: 11) who enjoy doing Scriptural studies in words, names, and the law which includes the Scriptural calendar, let alone, Scriptural prophetic subject matter.

As always Berean critiques with a 2 Tim. 2: 15 intent (approach) are very much welcomed.
Have a YAHsome day!

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