New! The REAL Founder Of Christianity Unveiled - Illuminati Secrets Exposed - Last Days Info

Published is where you can find MUCH more information regarding the truth about the Bible and Christianity from author, lecturer and exegete Dr. Scott McQuate. If you thought Jesus was the founder of Christianity, think again. This is what is taught within Christianity, but the Bible itself, never even says this. There was an ancient Illuminati conspiracy underway that predated Christianity by thousands of years. Their agenda was to 'turn things upside down' (See Isaiah 29:16) and corrupt the real 'Way' of Esu (Jesus). Through infiltration and scribal lies (See Jeremiah 8:8), these 'men who krept in unawares' (See Jude 1:4) creating a doctrine woven with lies. Today their doctrine that usurped the 'Way' is called 'Christianity'. Have you ever wondered how billions of Christians can be walking the 'right', 'narrow' path (Matt. 7:14) when the Bible says that only a 'remnant' will be saved? (Rom. 11:5, Rev. 12:17) Learn the truth that is coming out as knowledge increases in these Last Days (Daniel 12:4). Learn ancient, hidden secrets uncovered by Dr. Scott McQuate that are literally not available anywhere else at

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