God is warning Jamaica


Repent from your sins
God loves you,he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord's.

Heavenly father I'm asking for your guidance and protection.Thank you for your warnings Oh Lord. Thank you for leading me out of the dark and into the lights before it's too late. I know I'm a sinner, I'm confessing I've done many wrongs,I've wronged many people,Lord I'm asking for your guidance and protection, I'm praying that you'll help me become a better person, please show me if I'm doing something wrong. Heavenly father I want to live for you and only for you in Jesus name Amen.

Psalm 17:1

REPENT from your sins.
Please watch Marcus Rodgers videos on YouTube to learn more about our God.

We are all brothers and sisters, we are all God's children,we need him in our lives.

Heaven is real,hell is real and I know for a fact Heaven is where we all want to be.

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