In Part 6 of the series we learned about King Solomon. Solomon was a very interesting King. From him we saw the heights of Israel and how Elohim established His Great name, and Israel’s name, amongst the other nations. But right after the rise, we saw the reason for the fall. Israel did not see the result of his mistakes until after his death, but Elohim prophesied and foretold what was to come. A theme you should have noticed from this series by now, is that Elohim keeps His Word. So, we’re now at fall of Israel. Throughout the next 2 parts you will hear 2 constant themes. A King who did right in the eyes of Elohim and Kings who did not do right. You’ll hear more of the latter unfortunately. I find that this part of the Bible is not taught at the level it should be and because of this there is so much misunderstandings later on. This history directly helps us understand multiple points. The most important point is why Elohim preserved David & Jerusalem to send forth the Messiah. It shows why Israel expected a different type of Savior than what Yahshua was. And lastly this history shows the significance of the curses of Deuteronomy Chapter 28 because you’ll see specifically that Israel did not follow Elohim as he commanded. The main thing I want to emphasize is that Elohim is loving and understanding and gives us many chances. Israel kept messing up, then he sometimes scolded them, but he also gave them a chance to fix their mistakes. They continuously made bad choices and later suffered greatly for them. It’s the same thing we face in our lives today. We continually sin and provoke Elohim to anger, but He gives us grace and forgives us, but He does sometime scold and reprimand us. Use these lessons to gain more appreciation, understanding, trust, and love for Elohim. Let’s Begin.


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